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Superior Internet Services Company (SISCOM) is a Dayton based company with a goal of providing unmatched Internet connectivity to its customers. With a strong focus on this goal at all times, SISCOM has risen to become one of the largest Internet service providers in Ohio. SISCOM employs the latest emerging technologies as well as proprietary engineering to achieve efficiencies that allow us to provide better quality service than any provider, no matter how large.

Multi-Homed Network

SISCOM maintains high-speed digital service to the Internet backbones. Instead of connecting to a single large backbone, SISCOM gives you access to all of them. This means speed, reliability, and fewer hops for you to reach your Internet destination.


SISCOM connects via Fiber or DS3 at all major traffic points. All interconnects have redundant circuits to ensure the maximum uptime. Our overall traffic usage is less than 10% at any given time.


SISCOM maintains a Network Operations Center, which monitors all traffic to and from our network. Customers are allowed to view usage graphs that let them know how their circuit is running, along with access to all our circuit information. This lets the customer rest with ease that we are not overselling bandwidth like so many others do.

One-Stop Shop

SISCOM makes connecting your business to the Internet hassle-free: we will order the circuit for you, register your domain name, assign you the necessary IP addresses, and walk you through the initial setup of your hardware. SISCOM will work directly with the phone company to ensure that your circuit is ordered/installed correctly the first time.


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