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Dial-Up Connections

Dial-Up Accounts

SISCOM's Dial-up PPP account is your quick, hassle-free solution for Internet access. Getting started is simple. A quick call to one of our friendly staff, and you'll be cruising the web in no time.
Call us today: 937-767-5000

Novices and experts alike will appreciate SISCOM's solid, reliable connections, serious no busy signal policy, and exceptional technical support. To make your Internet experience as useful and fun as possible we continually invest in cutting-edge technology. We're so committed to our no busy signal policy that we'll actually stop taking new customers if we start to grow to fast. We have enough trained, knowledgeable support staff on hand to make sure you get through to an actual person if you ever need to call us.

Not only will you receive exceptional customer service and reliable connectivity with SISCOM, but your Dial-up PPP account is also full of useful Internet tools and services. Instead of a confusing array of extras, options, and additional charges, your Personal-PPP account already includes a huge number of the most popular features. Unlike some providers, our anti-virus and spam filters are free with every account and there are no set up fees.

SISCOM now offers nation wide access

Our national accounts will let you dial-up to SISCOM from one of our thousands of access points across the country. You must have a national dial-up account to use the national numbers. Call or e-mail for information about using your account while you're out of town!

Siscom has the largest local service area in Ohio. Please take a moment and review our service area.


Account Types


6 Months


Extreme SISCOM Accelerated Dial-Up




To create your account, please contact us:

Phone 937-767-5000

Dial-up account features

Modem access up to V.90 56k
Serious "No Busy Signal" policy
Flexable pricing plans
Exceptional technical support
Use the software of your choice
WWW, FTP, e-mail, and usenet news


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